Career Solutions


The mission of Career Solutions is to enhance employers’ productivity, capital, & diversity by facilitating the placement of skilled individuals in invaluable occupations.

“Career Solutions” Supported Employment Program (18+ years)

Supported employment enables individuals with disabilities to successfully enter the workforce and more fully engage in the community.  Career Solutions focuses on a person’s abilities and provides the necessary supports to be successful on a long-term basis.  When searching for an individualized career opportunity, the skills and needs of the individual are assessed and considered.  Additionally, interests, personal stamina, time commitment, location, and transportation are taken into account in order to search for and obtain the ideal job. We pride ourselves on progressive, ‘think-outside-the-box’ employment options that challenge our members to perform at their best. Our services are provided both on and off the job site throughout an employee’s career. This program is funded through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and/or Medicaid waivers.


For more information about Career Solutions, please contact at or (502)495-5088.